PORTLAND, ME – June 3, 2019 – The Maine Mariners released their 2019 Protected List on Monday, containing names of 25 players that signed a SPC with the Mariners in 2018-19. The Protected List includes 14 forwards, 9 defensemen, and 2 goaltenders. The full list is as follows:

FORWARDS (14): Taylor Cammarata, Greg Chase, Ryan Ferrill, Dillan Fox, Zeb Knutson, Alex Kile, Nick Master, Michael McNicholas, Johnny McInnis*, Wade Murphy, Louie Rowe, Branden Troock, Dwyer Tschantz, Terrence Wallin

DEFENSEMEN (9): Rich Boyd, Johnny Coughlin, Josh Couturier, Garrett Cecere, Jon Jutzi, Blake Kessel, Derek Pratt, Scott Savage, Zach Tolkinen

GOALTENDERS (2): Francois Brassard, Connor LaCouvee

*McInnis has retired and been announced as the Head Coach and General Manager of the NA3HL’s Canton Cubs.

Teams are allowed to protect as many players as they wish provided the players protected meet the guidelines as defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the ECHL and the Professional Hockey Players’ Association which state that teams shall retain the rights to each player that:

1. Signed an SPC in 2018-19 with the Member, and has not been traded or released, OR

2. Signed an SPC in 2018-19, and was recalled to the NHL/AHL or IIHF team, and has not been traded or released, OR

3. Had received a Qualifying Offer last summer for the current Season, DID NOT sign an SPC, and has not been traded or released, OR

4. Has been suspended by the Member or League, and has not been traded or released, OR

5. Signed an SPC on or after the first day of the 2018-19 Regular Season, then subsequently signed an NHL/AHL contract, and has not been traded or released, OR

6. Has executed the ECHL Retirement Form, and has not been traded or released.

Protected lists may exceed 20 players.

The ECHL also announced that teams must complete all Future Consideration trades by 3 p.m. ET on June 13 and that teams must submit their Season-Ending Roster by 3 p.m. ET on June 15. Season-ending rosters may include up to 20 players and cannot include any players who did not sign an ECHL contract in 2018-19.

The first day for players to sign an SPC (standard player contract) is June 16.

The second season of Maine Mariners ECHL hockey will begin in October. Full and half season ticket packages are available by calling 833-GO-MAINE or visiting the Mariners front office located next to the Cross Insurance Arena at 94 Free Street. Registration for Beacon’s Kids Club and the Mariners inaugural summer reading program, “Read with ME” are also underway. More information can be found at