Dates and times are subject to change. All times listed are EST. All home games are played at the Cross Insurance Arena, unless otherwise noted. Single game tickets will go on sale in September.

Sat, October 226:00 PMTrois-Rivieres Lions
Sun, October 233:00 PMTrois-Rivieres Lions
Fri, November 47:15 PMNewfoundland Growlers
Sat, November 56:00 PMNewfoundland Growlers
Fri, November 117:15 PMReading Royals
Sat, November 126:00 PMReading Royals
Weds, November 237:00 PMReading Royals
Fri, November 257:15 PMReading Royals
Sat, November 266:00 PMNewfoundland Growlers
Sun, December 43:00 PMAdirondack Thunder
Fri, December 97:15 PMTrois-Rivieres Lions
Sat, December 106:00 PMTrois-Rivieres Lions
Weds, December 281:00 PMWorcester Railers
Fri, December 307:15 PMTrois-Rivieres Lions
Sun, January 13:00 PMWorcester Railers
Fri, January 67:15 PMAdirondack Thunder
Fri, January 277:15 PMNorfolk Admirals
Sat, January 286:00 PMNorfolk Admirals
Sun, January 293:00 PMNorfolk Admirals
Fri, February 107:15 PMTrois-Rivieres Lions
Fri, February 177:15 PMTrois-Rivieres Lions
Sat, February 186:00 PMAtlanta Gladiators
Sun, February 193:00 PMAtlanta Gladiators
Weds, March 110:30 AMNewfoundland Growlers
Sun, March 53:00 PMWorcester Railers
Fri, March 107:15 PMNorfolk Admirals
Sat, March 116:00 PMNorfolk Admirals
Fri, March 177:15 PMWorcester Railers
Sun, March 193:00 PMWorcester Railers
Fri, March 317:15 PMTulsa Oilers
Sat, April 16:00 PMTulsa Oilers
Sun, April 23:00 PMTulsa Oilers
Sun, April 93:00 PMAdirondack Thunder
Weds, April 127:00 PMWorcester Railers
Sat, Apr 156:00 PMNorfolk Admirals
Sun, Apr 163:00 PMNorfolk Admirals