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The Bath Golf Club

Set in the rolling farmland of North Bath, this course was designed by the great Wayne Stiles and established in 1932. For the last 80 years, it’s been “home” to generations of Maine golfers.

Old Marsh Country Club

Old Marsh Country Club is a semi-private, 18 hole, championship course located in Wells, Maine.  In its very first year of operation it was ranked “Top 10 Best in America” and is consistently ranked in the Top 25 Courses in New England.

Highland Green Golf Club

Highland Green Golf Club features a challenging nine-hole course nestled in a 650-acre expanse of Midcoast Maine. The Scottish-style course is located just off the Coastal Connector in Topsham.

This breathtaking golf course was built to blend naturally with the beautifully rugged terrain of Midcoast Maine. Rock outcroppings and natural ridgelines have been incorporated into the design to add to the challenge and uniqueness of the course. There isn’t another place like it.

Penobscot Valley Country Club

“Penobby” is an 18 hole championship golf course located in Orono, Maine.  Over the past 90 years, the club has hosted golfers from Arnold Palmer to “Larry the Cable Guy”, and has established an impressive pedigree of competitive events. Since 1926, no less than ten Maine Amateur Championships have taken place at Penobscot Valley; another is being scheduled for the near future.