Color Guard Military
Color Guard Scouts

In the military of the United States, the color guard carries the national color and other flags appropriate to its position in the chain of command. Typically these include a unit flag and a departmental flag. In addition to the flag bearers, who are positioned in the center of the color guard, there are two or more individuals who carry rifles and or sabres. This is a symbol that the flag (and its nation) will always be protected.

The Mariners Color Guard experience is the perfect way for your military organization, police department or scouting group to be featured. Join us ice level as your group presents our nation’s colors prior to the puck drop. Stand on the ice while presenting the colors during the National Anthem.



Group Outings

The Mariners ask that you please follow the etiquette below for any of our on ice presenting of the colors.

  1. Stand and face the location as the colors come on to the ice
  2. Please remove all caps as the colors enter the ice
  3. After the National Anthem, please remain standing facing the colors until they have completely come off the ice