Dates and times are subject to change. All times listed are EST.

Fri, October 227:15 PMWorcester Railers
Fri, October 297:15 PMTrois-Rivieres Lions
Sun, October 313:00 PMReading Royals
Fri, November 57:15 PMFlorida Everblades
Fri, November 127:15 PMTrois-Rivieres Lions
Sun, November 143:00 PMTrois-Rivieres Lions
Weds, November 247:00 PMWorcester Railers
Fri, November 267:15 PMNewfoundland Growlers
Sat, December 46:00 PMAdirondack Thunder
Sun, December 53:00 PMAdirondack Thunder
Fri, December 107:15 PMWorcester Railers
Weds, December 293:00 PMWorcester Railers
Fri, December 315:00 PMTrois-Rivieres Lions
Sat, January 16:00 PMAdirondack Thunder
Sat, January 86:00 PMAdirondack Thunder
Sun, January 93:00 PMAdirondack Thunder
Fri, January 217:15 PMOrlando Solar Bears
Sat, January 226:00 PMOrlando Solar Bears
Sun, January 233:00 PMOrlando Solar Bears
Fri, January 287:15 PMWorcester Railers
Sat, January 296:00 PMReading Royals
Sun, January 305:00 PMTrois-Rivieres Lions
Fri, February 187:15 PMNewfoundland Growlers
Sat, February 196:00 PMTrois-Rivieres Lions
Sun, February 203:00 PMTrois-Rivieres Lions
Weds, March 97:00 PMWorcester Railers
Weds, March 167:00 PMAdirondack Thunder
Sat, March 196:00 PMSouth Carolina Stingrays
Sun, March 203:00 PMSouth Carolina Stingrays
Fri, March 257:15 PMNewfoundland Growlers
Sat, March 266:00 PMNewfoundland Growlers
Sun, March 273:00 PMNewfoundland Growlers
Fri, April 17:15 PMAdirondack Thunder
Weds, April 137:00 PMReading Royals
Fri, April 157:15 PMNewfoundland Growlers
Sat, April 166:00 PMNewfoundland Growlers